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How to Add Content to a Dashboard
How to Add Content to a Dashboard
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You can pin any tracked metric (statistic), customer attribute or table to a Dashboard in Akita. These can be added from either the Segments tab OR from individual Account pages.

Pinning content to a Dashboard from Segments:

From Segments you can pin tracked Statistics (metrics) and/or Table data.

When pinning a Statistic from a Segment, you may first need to reveal the statistics being tracked for this Segment first. [Below]

Hovering on the Statistic (metric/chart) you wish to pin will reveal a pin icon in the bottom left-hand side of the widget. Clicking on this will open a pop-up box with options to add the metric to an existing Dashboard, or to a new Dashboard. You can also change the label of the Dashboard Widget if required (if the default name is not appropriate). [Below]

You can also pin the entire Segment list view to a Dashboard as a Widget. [Below]

Returning to the Dashboard, you can position and re-size the widgets to suit your requirements. [Below]

Pinning content to a Dashboard from an Account Record:

Account metrics and details/attributes ca be pinned to Account Dashboards (only visible on the Account record) OR to General Dashboards (found within the Dashboards tab). To see how to pin to Account Dashboards, click HERE.

To pin Account Metrics to a General Dashboard - You can add the metric to an existing General Dashboard OR create a brand new General Dashboard and add it to that. [Below]

To pin an Account detail to a General Dashboard, navigate to the Account's Details tab and hover on the field you want to pin. Click on the pin that appears on the right-hand side and a pop-up box will appear. You have the option to change how the field/widget will be named in the target Dashboard. You can then select the Dashboard you wish to add the field to OR Create a new Dashboard to add it to. [Below]

Navigating to the Dashboards tab you can click on the Dashboard you added the new widgets to and re-size and reposition them if required. [Below]


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