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How do I Track a Metric for a Segment
How do I Track a Metric for a Segment
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In Akita, you can choose to track specific metrics that are important to your business. These can be found and configured by navigating to Settings > Tracked Metrics.

Once you have configured your key tracked metrics, you can view them within your segment record as a widget/graph.

NOTE: The widget will start to track the relevant metric for this Segment from the date it is added to the Segment.

To begin:

If there are no statistics previously added to the segment, click on Add wonderful charts and graphs! A drop-down nested list of the available Statistics (metrics) will appear. Select one or multiple at a time.

Select Presentation Format:

  • Average Value: This shows the average for this metric for ALL USERS (in this Segment) through time.

  • Minimum Value: This represents the lowest value for any of the users at a given point in time (within this Segment).

  • Maximum Value: This represents the value of the worst performing user in terms of this metric within this Segment.

  • Sum of Values: The total vale for this metric for ALL USERS through time (for this Segment).

Interpreting the widget:

  • The graphs are read left to right. Data is tracked from the day the widget is added to the Segment.

  • Depending on the metric type, the graphs can track above AND below zero (i.e. Health and NPS scores can move below zero; MRR or MAU cannot).

  • A pop-up will appear when hovering on a dot indicating the date it represents and the score for the Metric on that date (see below).

  • With certain metrics (e.g. Health), thresholds can be set to indicate what represents a good score (green horizontal line) and what represents a bad score (red horizontal line) - see above.

  • The dotted line represents zero in metrics that can move below zero.

  • The colored fill represents when the metric has moved above or below zero.

You can hide/reveal the Statistics if required:

If the displayed statistics are distracting for you, they can be hidden. Click on the 'eye' icon on the right hand side of the page to hide.

To reveal/unhide the statistics, click the 'Show them' link located between the filters and the Segment table.

Re-order or delete metrics if required.

To re-order your list of widgets, click on the Gear icon to the right of the widgets. Your list of displayed widgets will appear in a drop-down list, click and hold the 'hamburger' (three stacked lines) icon and and drag-and-drop as required.

To delete a widget click on the trash can to it's right.

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