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How do I save a Segment
How do I save a Segment
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In the Accounts Side Menu you will see a list of the segments that you have access to. Any segments you create for your own use, you will want to save into the My Segments section. Why?

  • You can access the updated/live segments with one click rather than create them from scratch each time.

  • You can configure alerts to notify of changes to these segments.

  • You can trigger Playbooks for Accounts/Contacts entering a segment.

To save a segment (see video below)..

Once you have configured a Segment to your satisfaction, click the Save This Segment link.

In the pop up, give the segment a name

There are 2 toggle options,

  1. Share this Segment with your Team? If you choose Yes this Segment will appear in the Shared Segments section of the Accounts Sidebar Slider

  2. Apply a Tag to these Accounts. Here you can crate a Tag name and add a Tag color, these will be applied to the Segment and accounts within the Segment.

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