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Akita offers a Javascript SDK that allows you to populate your Akita account with your Customer data, including Account and Contact traits, events, and page views. However, if you use's customer data platform (CDP), you can integrate with Akita in just a few clicks.

To get started, you can log into your workspace:

  • Click on "Destinations".

  • Click on "Add Destination".

  • Search for "Akita" and click on our listing in the results.

  • From our listing in the Segment Destination Catalog, click "Configure Akita Customer Success"

  • Select the data source you want to send data from (your web app, your mobile app, etc) and click "Next"

  • Give your destination a name and select "Fill in setting manually" to set up the destination.

Important: There are a couple of items to keep in mind when connecting

  • If you have multiple sources (Web, Mobile, Server) you must add Akita as a destination for each source.

  • You must make the group() call in your integration to send Akita Account-level data. Akita will NOT work if you only use's identify() method.

  • You may need to set up Mapped Attributes in Akita to associate data from your integration with system properties in Akita like MRR, NPS, etc.

You can learn more about the Akita <> integration here.

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