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Creating a Health Score
Creating a Health Score
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*Note - You may not have the delegated permissions to create Health Scores, if you require this permission or you require a Health Score(s) to be created/edited please contact your internal Akita Admin*

Get Started:

To navigate to the Health Scoring module, click on the Account Icon at the bottom left-hand side of the page. In the pop-up click Settings. Under Account Settings select Health Scoring.

To create a new health scoring model, click the button + New Health Score [See Below].

A dialogue box will appear, give a name to the Health Score (something relating to the profile of accounts you intent to apply the score to (Live Accounts/Pro Plan Accounts/Freemium Accounts etc.)). The decide whether the score you are creating will apply to Account OR Contacts. [Below].

This will automatically open up a new page where you can create, activate/deactivate, edit, maintain and apply a Health Score to all or a specific set of Accounts [Below].

In the left-hand sidebar in the image above, you will see you can make changes to certain elements of a health scoring model directly, namely:

Name: If you are going to create a number of Health models it is important to apply a name to each that easily identifies who it applies to e.g. Enterprise Plan Health Score, On boarding Health etc.

Good / Bad Thresholds: As each Health model created has a different range, what indicates a good vs bad score will differ with each score. You will need to manually input the the limits for what is a good and bad score here.

Included Accounts: You can decide which of your customers you want a health score to apply to. You can manage that here using Akita's account filtering technology.

Components: Here is where you add the list of weighted attributes that will combine to give you customers their Health Score.

Included Accounts - Who the Score will apply to:

When in a Health Score record, navigate to the Included Accounts tab.

Here you can select a filter or filters to Apply this Health Scoring model to a particular segment or profile of account.

A couple of applications could include:

Applying the score to an already created Segment [Below]

Appling the score to customers who have purchased a particular Plan [Below].

Adding Components to a Health Score

First navigate to the Health Scoring section i.e.. Settings > Account Settings > health Scoring.

Open/Click on the Health Score you would like to work with.

On the left-hand side, click on Components and click on either the:

+ Add Your First Component Button [Below]

OR, if you are adding additional components, click the + New Component button [Below].

Next, [As Below] a pop up box will appear, give the Component a name and apply a score value to the Component (between -10 and +10) and hit the Submit button.

Next you need to apply the relevant filter e.g. Change in Session Count Over Time has increased more than 10% in the last 4 Weeks [Below].

Click the Save Changes button and navigate to All Components and you will be returned to the full list of components [Below].

.. an example of a fully built Health Score:

Setting the Good/Bad Thresholds for the Health Score

Each Health Score model you create will most likely have different components with different associated weightings. For this reason, the thresholds to indicate what a positive and negative score are will differ from score to score you you have the capability to set those thresholds manually here.

First Navigate to the Health Scoring section i.e. Settings > Account Settings > health Scoring.

Open/Click on the Health Score you would like to work with.

On the left-hand side, click on Good / Bad Thresholds.

Input the upper and lower thresholds and click Submit.

You will now be able to identify positive and negative health scores and track these through time in the Akita platform [see Green and Red lines on the Graph below].

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