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Tasks Overview
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Akita tasks can be manually created or automatically generated via Playbooks. They can be allocated to individual (Akita Licensed Users) at your company OR Roles you have created within Akita e.g. CSM, Customer Success Engineer, Renewals Manager etc

1. Creating Tasks

Within an Account record click into the Task Tab

Click into the Add task box

Type in the title of your task (e.g. 'follow up call', 'discuss user training', 'new feature feedback call' etc) and hit RETURN

The task box will appear and you can begin to fill out the relevant fields

At the top of the task box you can (see GIF below):

  • Select the Task Type (these types can be custom built to suit your companies use case)

  • Add a description for the task (this will be visible in the task list views)

  • Add a checklist of items that need to be covered as part of this task. these items can be checked off via the check box on the left hand side of each item. Items can also be dragged/dropped to re-order if required.

Further down the task box, you can add:

  • Due date

  • Task owner (you or one of your colleagues)

  • Contact (a specific person from the customer account)

If you need to make a document(s) available to help complete the task, you can drag and drop it into the task bow (or click>search>add) as below.

At the bottom of the task box you will find (see below):

  • The history of the task activity. Here you can also add comments if required.

  • A Follow button that will ensure you receive relevant alerts relating to the task

  • An option (bottom right) to add/remove colleagues to the Follow feature, ensuring they are kept in the loop if required.

  • A red Delete button to delete the task

The task will be automatically visible:

  • in the Accounts Task tab

  • In the Planners list view

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