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Tracked Accounts

What are Tracked accounts? How do I specify whether an Account is Tracked? What impact will this have?

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Each Account in Akita can be designated as Tracked (or not!). What does this mean?

Tracked Accounts are those Accounts that you are need to observe and measure in Akita; typically Trials and Customers. Ex-customers, vendors, partners, etc. should not be marked as Tracked.

We use this setting to help us accurately calculate some statistics in Akita.
For instance, take the average value for an Akita Health Score. If you have a former customer in Akita with an applied health score, you do not want it to be reflected in a calculation for the Average Health of your customers. By setting "Tracked" to off/false for that ex-customer, you will get a more accurate value for average health score.

Another example is calculating overdue or open tasks. If you have an ex-customer that is no longer Tracked, any open or overdue tasks for the Account should not impact these calculations.

We will be using this setting more and more in the future so it is good to begin actively managing it now.

How do I set Tracked for my accounts?

There are several ways you can toggle the value for Tracked on or off:

You can toggle the setting on any Account detail page

At the bottom of every Account detail page, you will find a banner that indicates if the Account is Churned or (if not) whether it is Tracked. Use the link on the right side of the banner to toggle the Tracked setting for the Account.

You can set Tracked (on or off) using the Akita Javascript SDK

When you create Accounts using the Akita Javascript, they are set to is_tracked.


When you create Accounts using Akita's REST API, you can provide an is_tracked attribute (true or false) to set this value. By default (if omitted), is_tracked will be set to true for all new Accounts created via the API.

Configure via Special Segment

You may also create a Segment in Akita that contains those Accounts that should be Tracked. This special Segment will be used to automatically apply the correct value (true or false) to each Account.

You can configure this special Segment here:

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